Alone Girl Time - Sivan

Alone Girl Time

Ahhhhhhh…..the sound of silence is so soothing. Paul has been planning his excursion to the theater to see Batman for about two weeks and even just writing about it gives me anxiety. So. Much. Planning. So in lieu of struggling to stay awake for 3 hours in a movie I will know nothing about, I am not-planning my alone girl’s night. I will wear my cashmere sweats, nerdy glasses, and hair thrown in a messy bun while I first eat a whole box of velveeta shells to myself. Next I’ll indulge in a pink bubble bath with my favorite magazines to relax even more before continuing my evening. The finale to my night will be cuddling on the couch with my Queen Blanket (aka Z Gallerie Lazo throw–have them in every room) and puppies as I begin season one of Pretty Little Liars. Yes, my night sounds exquisite and I’m proud of it!

Warby Parker glasses | Zoe Karssen sweater | Oscar de La Renta slippers | Juicy Couture cashmere sweatpants | Z Gallerie Lazo throw | Philosophy Grace bubble bath | OPI Nail color Bubble Bath | Charbonnel et Walker truffles | Maroon 5 CD