500 Days of Summer - Sivan

500 Days of Summer

Love that movie, obviously. But, I also like to make strange connections between things. Let me take you through my thought process behind this post/post title. The dress I am wearing below is called the Zooey dress (by Ani Lee), and it is part of the Summer 2013 collection. Zooey Deschanel was in the movie 500 Days of Summer. Summer 2012 is currently ending, making it seem like next summer is an eternity away (or 500 days). Meaning, the Zooey dress is only available in 500 (more like 350ish) days but it is still summery enough for me to wear the Zooey dress, so we basically have 500 days of summer. Get it?



Olive & Lyla <3

I’m wearing: Ani Lee Zooey dress (Summer 2013), random sneakers I bought Downtown Los Angeles, Chanel sunglasses