DIY metallic accent stool - Sivan

DIY metallic Accent stool

Although I will not be showing you how to mold and glaze porcelain I will be showing you how to properly spray an item metallic. I’m slowly phasing the muted yellow that currently serves as my accent color in the living room into something a bit more versatile and edgy, and it has required me to become a little creative since I’ve recently purchased most of the yellow accessories (aka I cannot give them away yet unless I want to never be allowed to purchase another home decor item EVER).

Starting a mood board was Step 1 to this micro makeover. Gathering ideas and having them on display not only helped me visualize the end result, it also forced me to utilize my resources in an economical way. Why give away the yellow (recently purchased) stool and spend another $howevermuch.00 on another one when I can just spray the one I have? Eureka! That is exactly what I did. Two cans of amazing spray paint later I’m loving the space and even more inspired to re-do more rooms with my bare hands. Take a look: