W+S Studio - Sivan

W+S Studio

I’m making it my mission to finally create a fully functioning studio in my home. Seeing how it is Wednesday, and the word want starts with a W, let’s go with What I Want Wednesday (for my office). I’ve known for a long time that I would base the whole space on black & white (take a look at my “workplace” Pinterest board and you would already know that), but my accents are going as gaudy as it gets. Gold and silver will make an appearance throughout the studio in little hits such as the gold dot vase on my white lacquered desk, and the silver faux-dermi head that will hang above said desk. Thoughts? Am I being too boring? Safe? Spot on? Tell me!

And because I am THAT lazy, if you would like to know where you may purchase any of these items, please leave a comment below and I will share 🙂