#showyourAOS - Sivan


I’m wearing: Articles of Society denim ($55) | MYNE floral top ($172) |BLANKNYC vegan leather jacket ($98) | Zara heels (sold out) | Karen Walker sunglasses ($280) | Tempt jewelry | Gorjana jewelry

I love a good bargain. In fact, I sort of have to love it when that is all I am limited to buying. I have a finance major that won Best Dressed in high school for a boyfriend so he not only understands numbers, he knows labels. So it’s not like I can walk into our apartment with a Barney’s carrier and expect him to think I was hitting the racks hard at Target. Not gonna happen. I can, however, proudly strut around in a pair of jeans I scored for $55-ish and not be tortured by another money lecture.

Articles of Society denim has some of the best fitting jeans I’ve worn in ages and the price tag is a treat to your wallet. For $55 you can sport the latest colored denim or traditional denim washes in skinny or boot cut styles. The slight stretch makes them extra comfortable and basically what I’m saying is I’ll be wearing mine close to everyday. They can be found at Urban Outfitter or Nordstrom. Secret revealed!