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10 V-Day gifts that don’t suck (For Him)

Flow charts, when made then used, can be so effective. I consider myself a visual learner and even though I am the creator of this chart my thought process makes so much more sense now! I decided to help out all my readers looking for the ultimate V-Day gift for that special someone in a very unisex manner. See, you can reverse the chart and it pretty much leads to the same result so I’m accidentally smarter than I thought, too.

But realistically, I know most of my readers are probably women so I had to give you something fun to look at (see: man with 6-pack above) while also providing a legitimate point to this post.

1. Starting point: You can gift the lingerie or just wear it, either way it is a sure way to excite him.

2. Homemade sushi: It is simpler than it sounds/seems. And let’s be honest, if you’re wearing the lingerie who cares what it tastes like, right?

3. Liquid Courage: If you find yourself too shy or just plain uncomfortable strutting around in lace consider buying him an expensive scotch that will blur his vision a little and while you’re at it take a sip for yourself to relax your “nerves.”

4. Dessert: “You should draw attention to your mouth,” Alicia Silverstone taught us in Clueless. So do it with something pretty, yummy, and somewhat impressive (you will make these from scratch, duh).

5. Music: He gets a shiny new toy and you get vibe music to set the mood.

6. Massage oil: This serves as a gift to both of you. He will obviously be thrilled to receive a massage from his sweetheart and you will be get the softest hands a Kiehl’s product can provide.

7. Sweatpants: That is clearly why this picture is part of my flow chart. A pair of Burberry sweatpants is the only way to man’s groin, I mean, heart.

8. Or you can just go with a pair of cool black high top sneakers.

9. Or the amazing James Bond coffee table book that would look damn good in the red section of my bookcase.

10. And if all else fails, just buy him Laker (or any sports) tickets.

Good luck & DO share your V-Day plans!