A Moment for Chuck - Sivan

A Moment for Chuck


I’m wearing: Le Tote tank (see details here) | C&C maxi ($40) | High top Converse ($50) | Pencey Standard blazer (similar here) | Michael Kors watch ($275) | Karen Walker sunglasses ($280) | Cat ring

I purchased my first pair of Converse sneakers four years ago after a break up. I can’t say that I was heart-broken, but in an effort to play the scorned woman, I sipped on an extra-strong apple martini my mom made me and rehashed the details of my now (then) over relationship. I did proceed to finished the remnants of the shaker and probably a couple more after that, and after all of that my non-drinking mother suggested we go shopping.

I guess not realizing what three-ish shakers of apple martini (made with far too much vodka) can do to a 100lbs girl, she thought it was a good idea. Half an hour later I found myself purchasing a pair of white Chuck Taylors, among the slew of other random items such as a Hello Kitty sweatshirt, lace undies, a matching sweater my mom bought as well.

In the days following this shopping outing, I found myself wondering why the hell I’d purchased such a juvenile pair of shoes. With the Hello Kitty sweater I looked 12 and emo, with jeans and a T-shirt I looked 13 and male, and with a dress I looked 14 and orthodox. It seemed I had failed drunk shopping. Until now…today you will find me looking for any excuse to wear my Converse. Be it with a dress, maxi skirt, shorts, jeans, leather, YOU NAME IT, I will wear it…with Converse. I like to think without my style inhibitions (aka drunk) I made that purchase knowing one day I would love my Chucks but wouldn’t know it unless I owned them. Long story short, thank you, Mommy, for making me that apple martini(s) and taking me shopping. I am very grateful.