A Tale of Two Sities - Sivan

A Tale of Two sities

For two years I have told tales about the different seating in my house and basically how much I don’t like it. I’ve complained your ears off about the red dining chairs, the black leather loveseat, the office chairs, just to name a few. Today’s tale is one of craft and patience and how you can easily fix the ugly in your life just as easily. Enjoy.

It all started a long time ago in the city of Sherman Oaks, where Sivan & Paul resided among a bevy of ugly seating. The office chairs were so brown and lackluster Sivan could take it no longer and hit Home Depot.

After a trip to the hardware store and a fabric store in Downtown LA, she was ready to being Operation Fix Ugly Chairs. With 2  yards of fabric, a staple gun, staples, black laquer spray paint, and a screwdriver later she got to work.

Look for the little screws (usually 2-4 on each) that hold the cushion in place & unscrew.

You will be left with stripped chairs that can either be painted or left untouched.

I chose to spray my chairs black to cover the brassy-chrome color they were.

While the paint was drying (2 coats at least) I cut my fabric with about 3 inches extra on each side to begin stapling to the cushion. For the corners you might have to fold the creases a few times and keep stapling until the top looks tight and secure. Also, make sure to cut little holes in the fabric where the screws will be re-inserted.

For assembly, simply line up the holes of the cushion to the holes of the chair and begin screwing in the screws.

Voila! Re-covered, re-finished chairs in one little afternoon.

And Sivan lived happily ever after with her new office chairs. The End.