Bye, Kate Upton - Sivan

Bye, Kate Upton

Since sometime around April 2012 I have had to stare at the voluptuous bikini-clad Kate Upton on the cover of Sports Illustrated sitting idly on my chevron foot stool in my bedroom. Although we do not subscribe to Sports Illustrated, the swimsuit edition somehow found its way into our apartment last year and won’t seem to go away. Sure, I’ve flipped through it a couple (hundred, jk) times, but I do not see the reason in keeping it around to torture my self-esteem and image! I mean, a full year later it is April again and I am not that tan, and I’m certainly not that toned. With summer approaching I’ve given exercise a thought or two but that’s pretty much where it stops. Help?

Anyway, the point of this post is actually to demonstrate how with a paint brush and a sample-sized paint container you can update a boring old dresser, not to hate on Kate. This was one of those projects that got my mind going as I tore up the sexy magazine and splattered paint all over their 6-packs and beautified my dresser and restored my self confidence. I fully intend on hitting the gym starting TOMORROW. If I’m not having a super busy day, that is.