I Found My Man... - Sivan

I Found My Man…

but I still need my girls! Coming up with a way to assemble my bridal party in an original fashion was challenging beyond belief. I was faced with several dilemmas, as my little sister was headed back to Indiana and I wanted to ask her to officially be one of my Minions of Honor, and was working on a serious time crunch. I knew it had to be fun and memorable so I went with this approach.

Blindfolding my two younger sisters all the way to Downtown LA helped keep the suspense going and they were certainly thrown off as we wandered up Grand Avenue nearly falling into all the pedestrians (and several homeless people). I made them wait outside Bottega Louie as I quickly ordered them boxes of macarons with custom notes I had printed inside. At this point people had been staring and wondering why it appeared I had kidnapped & blindfolded two little girls but once the surprise was unveiled it was all tears of joy all around. They said yes, by the way!