Paris: part trois - Sivan

Paris: part trois

The Sacre Coeur…what can I say? The view of all of Paris is extraordinary, and we lucked out by being there on a sunny day. What was unlucky, you ask?  Well, the fact that there was approximately 3 millions people there. From the second we stepped off the Metro we were immediately immersed in what can only be described as a parade of people (dysfunctional tourists) marching up to the top of Sacre Coeur. I know I sound super snotty about tourists, being one myself and all, but I pride myself on being a non-annoying tourist. Yes, I take pictures (of myself) but I do it in areas that don’t block other people or cause a stir (*expect that time I ran into the intersection by the very busy Champs Elysees for a picture). In fact, Paul and I didn’t even ask anyone to take a photo of us together so our Paris/London album is purely a compilation selfies. Oh well. Back to the subject at hand, the Sacre Coeur made for a fun little day trip and we even stopped by the exorbitantly pricey Moulin Rouge since that was my favorite movie growing up. Yep, my childhood favorite movie is about a glorified brothel.  “Vou les vous coucher avec moi?”

*As mentioned above, here is proof that I can be annoying, too 😉