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Etiquette 101: On dating


Being an engaged woman and all, I like to think I know a thing or two about dating. While I wasn’t big on serial dating, I can proudly say I’ve only ever been on one bad date. And whether or not a relationship flourished during my dating years, my dates have always been very enjoyable. There are just certain things that seem to escape women (and probably men) while trying oh-so hard to make that “perfect” first impression that could completely change the outcome of your date. If you are truly looking looking to snag a guy in the conventional dinner + a movie type of way (aka not by going on The Bachelor), keep my simple Do’s + Don’ts next time you’re sitting across from your next potential relationship.

Do dress appropriately. You can show some skin but limit it to one area (ie: legs only, arms only, a little chest only…not all combined). Go easy on the make-up. Let him envision what you look like all dolled up so there is something to look forward to.

Don’t try to sound too smart or too dumb. Your natural level of intelligence is all you should exude. Be REAL!

Do put your phone away. There is nothing that says “I’m bored” or “not interested” more than eyes looking down at a cell phone.

Don’t talk about past relationships unless you are 1000% over it. Until you are fully ready to sum it up and give your conclusion on the relationship in less than 5 minutes, just don’t talk about it. With that said, don’t get weird if/when he brings up a relationship (as long as he is over it, too).

Do eat. You’re there to multi-task: eat + date. So do both. However, be aware of foods that will get stuck in your teeth (here is a short list of items/ingredients to avoid: pesto, poppy seeds, anything with mango, too much pepper, you get it).

Don’t drink too much. No one enjoys a sloppy date. Ever.

Do offer to pay. It shows you value equality and independence. If he insists, smile and thank him politely.

Don’t be a stalker after. Do thank him via call, text, or email, but don’t openly stalk his social media. It is totally natural to do it but don’t let him know and don’t get upset over what you find (again, unless you find strippers and other bad behavior, which honestly is just bad social media management).

Do follow these tips and see if anything is different 🙂