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Etiquette 101: On giving flowers



Before I dive into this one, apologies for the 1 post a week. No excuses, I suck for pushing my favorite project to the back burner. I promise to not let this be a habit.

I, like most girls, adore fresh flowers. It’s a staple on my grocery list (Trader Joe’s has a great and inexpensive selection) and must be purchased weekly. It livens the room (literally), and just makes me happy. It has now become a ritual for me every week to adorn my work space with fresh flowers to give me some fresh inspiration, by my bedside table to help me wake up in the morning, and on my entryway table as a beautiful and aromatic greeting. I. love. fresh. flowers.

On Valentine’s Day my thoughtful fiancĂ© had an arrangement of roses delivered to me and let’s just say he didn’t read my Valetine’s Day post (Paul, you tell me to write more and when I write my longest post to date, you don’t read it?!). They were red roses. Red, with all sorts of things. If you read the post, you know. I know it’s the thought that counts but here are my tips to ensure it’s more than just the thought that is being appreciated.

  • Unless you’re on the Bachelor (or proposing while pretending to be on The Bachelor), don’t give red roses. Absolutely ANY color other than red is better. Pink, yellow, white, coral…
  • Carnations are back on the rise. At least, that’s what we learned on Sex and the City circa 1999 and I still believe it. However, only an ALL carnation bunch in one single color is a good choice.
  • When you are thanking someone get them their favorite flower. Not the cheapest one.
  • Sympathy flowers are best in white. If color is necessary opt for a light yellow. Nothing bright.
  • Giving an orchid in a pot is acceptable when visiting grandma or your friend’s parents. If you want to give a woman (be it your significant other or friend) orchids, REALLY give her orchids (in an arrangement). It’s a splurge but so worth it.
  • If you are gifting a blogger, Pinterest fanatic, or fashionista flowers go for peonies wrapped in newspaper and butcher twine. There is nothing chicer and it shows you really know her style.
  • Exotic flowers are really the only arrangements I personally like mixed up. But my rule of thumb, just stick to one type of flower in one color and you are solid.
  • Never give flowers with loose rose-petals in the bottom of the vase. Florists do not put water in the bottom and by the time your flowers are delivered they are dead (true story).
  • Lastly, while deliveries are sweet and especially sweet when you work with other people, hand delivered flowers are always the best. Period.