Etiquette 101: On working out - Sivan

Etiquette 101: On working out


So we know that my Etiquette series is typically inspired by events and encounters that fill my everyday life, and not just an excuse for a 26 year old to school you on acting like a decent human being. With that said, I feel like if enough people read my tips we would have a lot less to complain about. And trust me, I enjoy complaining, but some things just need to be addressed. Today’s suggestions (and yes, I will call them suggestions since I’m not exactly the lawmaker around here) are inspired by a very odd experience I had in my yoga class that I usually have absolutely nothing to complain about. Here we go: We are about 3/4 finished with the class and we are laying on our backs about to hold a bridge pose. In my yoga studio they play very light “mood” music that I very much enjoy, and just as I settled into my bridge (pelvis and thighs raised) I hear someone humming to the song playing (very off key, by the way). I glanced over to Paul, who was about 2 feet to my right, and within one second of eye contact I was hysterical. His face registered the same horror I felt: WHY ARE YOU HUMMING IN YOGA???!!!!! I couldn’t hold my laughter completely in so I was releasing some laugh-snort thing for about 5 minutes until the teacher finally pretended she thought a phone was going off and announced, “please no cellphones in class.”

Things you should avoid while working out:

  • Hitting on people. Sorry to sound prejudice but, men, it’s always you doing this and we (women) ALL hate it.
  • Singing or humming out loud in any class or gym unless it is private.
  • Taking selfies as your exercise.
  • Wearing make-up. Unless you’re coming from work or whatever.
  • Talking on the phone. I personally find it very rude to subject people around you to listen to your conversation while you’re working on your HIIT.
  • Playing your music out loud. I’ve mainly only seen this at Runyon, and I’m already grumpy enough climbing the hard part, I don’t also need to listen to your dubstep/rap.
  • Sweating everywhere without a rag in very close proximity.
  • Paying attention to other people and racing them. Well, I am totally guilty of this one. However, I am mentally racing them, which can be great motivation. But don’t stare…find your opponent and beat them secretly.
  • I don’t really know how I feel about shirtless people at the gym. I get you’re hot (temperature), but it just doesn’t seem right. I’m open to thoughts on this one.