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My Favorite 25 Things

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You would think after almost 3 years of blogging we would have gone over more of this, but as I find myself vignette-ing and shooting things I love I realized I may have not shared my TOP 25 things. So, let’s get to it:

  1. Fresh cut flowers in every room
  2. French perfume
  3. Spicy cocktails
  4. Fashion magazines
  5. Expensive candles
  6. Black & White photography
  7. Lucite furniture
  8. Pale pink nail polish
  9. Copper kitchen accessories
  10. Red lipstick
  11. Aviators
  12. Iced coffee
  13. Truffles
  14. Booties
  15. Trays
  16. Fresh squeezed orange juice
  17. Tall, gold vases
  18. Honey Greek yogurt
  19. Meyers cleaning products in the Geranium scent
  20. Coffee table books
  21. Vintage ashtrays
  22. Panama hats
  23. Gold jewelry
  24. Mexican blankets
  25. Wine

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