There’s nothing sadder than coming home from vacation (when you’re actually ready to come home) and then developing a mean case of Vacation Blues. After a blissful week on the island of St. John I was ready to join the real world (and my puppies) again, but quickly realized upon arriving back, that I was mentally still on the island. It was struggle to head directly back to work the following morning. I mean, why are we not always starting our days with beach-side breakfasts and fresh juice? Leisurely reading the paper while deciding it’s time to begin the day…ahhh….see what I mean?

The last night on the island was spent aboard a sweet sail boat that took us out at sunset to sip champagne and mingle barefoot with fellow vacationers. It was something I would typically steer clear of (as you know I hate touristy activities) but felt as thought our last night needed to be commemorated with something special. And so, we packed my new favorite weekender and hit the sea. As the wind blew our hair just right (or so it felt, the pictures say otherwise), and my dress blew up countless times, it was truly a night to remember.

blue and white dress



stela 9 weekender bag