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DIY Wedding Invitations

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When my wedding planning officially began my mom and I were shocked to find that the first stop we made to look for invitations was it. We just knew they were the ones–gold foil pressed, embossed, kraft-y, chalkboard-y perfection. It embodied everything my ‘I Do’ Pinterest board stands for. What I wasn’t so sure was it, was the price. Apparently you pay a company to essentially design the invitation suite itself, and then every added detail (that makes it so amazing) is extra, plus assembly, plus envelopes, plus postage. Kill. Me. Now.

With a $2500 quote later, I was already plotting with my mother how we would lie and say they were cheaper and we would pay the difference ourselves. It seemed like a fairly reasonable plan at the time until I shared this plan with a friend (come on, I had to tell someone!). I was quickly brought back to earth and aboard a whole different boat in a matter of 2 minutes of her lecturing me (thanks, Kelly!).

[Insert proud smile here]…today I am officially mailing out 110 DIY-ed invitations that were lovingly crafted by my amazing sisters, friends, and yours truly. With an incredible designer I found on Etsy, I was able to pay a mere $27 for the graphic design and then take this to my local printer (also a friend) to have printed at another ridiculously low price. Envelopes were purchased online here, custom stamps ordered from Zazzle, baker’s twine tied (from Amazon), home-made hang tags attached by hand, and 110 (x2 when you add in RSVP envelopes) hand addressed envelopes by moi! So, after months of researching less expensive options and finally realizing what good am I if I can’t even design my own (???!!!), I am happy to share that this entire project cost me a total of $528.00!

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