Does turning 27 signify anything special (aside from almost being 30)? For me, it is the age I will be getting married. The age I am officially “late 20’s.” It’s sort of scary for me to think that my glorious 20’s are almost finished. However, I have secretly always been excited to turn “30, flirty, & thriving!” If you can name what that reference is from you’re my soul mate. Since I’m not particularly¬†excited about my birthday this year I have resorted to compiling things that DO excite me, starting with my split personality about shoes. Yes, you are seeing correctly. I’m a girly girl who neeeeds the Stuart Weitzman Nudist sandals; the sometimes grunge who needs the Anine Bing flat booties (have actually wanted these for quite a while…ahem, Paul!); and the girl who can’t decide her gender and wants Vans (???) in snakeskin. Hey, I saw some cute girl on Pinterest wearing them with her vegan leather pants and they looked pretty chic, actually. Stop judging me.

Since the last facelift on the blog I have updated how you can shop alllll of these items. Simply roll your mouse over the little plus (+) signs next to each item and click away. Simple + easy.