I wait all year for this time–the time I get to virtually select gifts for tons of different people who like different things. I spend hours perusing different online shops and locating the “hot” items that a fitness freak or techy nerd (aka men) would just love! This year, since I have so many gift ideas, I have broken them into various categories to make it easy for you. Just head over to the Gift Guide section in the menu and a drop-down will appear with a myriad of categories. Rest assured, this is just the first 8 categories to kick off the holiday shopping season. There are definitely tons more coming your way, and if there are specific people/types you need help with, feel free to leave a comment and you might just see a drop-down for “girl who has everything!!!!!” next…

In case you don’t understand my labeling, here is a quick breakdown:

1) Bon Vivant–gifts for a woman who loves the small luxuries of life. She appreciates a gold shaker, a Valentino phone case, an expensive candle. You know.

2) Beauty Buff–gifts for the girl who spends hours in Sephora and loves the latest beauty products.

3) Blogger Babe–we are all friends with one. But…what to we buy them? Here you go!

4) Fitness Queen–gifts for the yoga-going, cold-weather-jogging, resistance-band-using, fancy-water-sipping broads.

5) Home Decorista–gifts for the lady who runs (& decorates) her home. Not your ordinary home. The kind that has style and flare!

6) Gypset Kitchen–gifts for the girl who loves to cook and is slightly bohemian. Not specific at all, right?!

7) Main Man–gifts for your boyfriend, husband, dad, boss, crush, friend, mailman….

8) Rad Stocking Stuffers–these aren’t your ordinary stocking stuffers. These are out-of-the-box, fun, slightly random stuffers that will have you happily shelling out $30 for a stocking stuffer!

Happy Shopping!