Honest To Blog sweater

Can any of us actually believed yesterday was a gloomy, rainy, lazy Sunday?! I was pretty confused when I woke up and my bedroom was still dark out–I instantly assumed it was before 6:00am, which clearly is an unacceptable time to be awake on a Sunday. Or any day, actually. However, prior to the insta-sweatpants day (yesterday), I dressed like a human girl in my fun new ‘honest to blog’ sweatshirt that I’m kind of in love with. The coziness of this sweater is just too good to ignore this winter. Especially for me, since I just learned I’ll be spending some time in Big Bear and Mammoth this winter (!!!). Time to stock up on the knits, hats, gloves, fur, etc. Stay tuned for lots more winter inspiration headed  your way. Aaaaaaand, keep your eyes open for some new additions to the gift guide for your holiday shopping needs.

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