Black sequin skirt

It’s funny stumbling across my sequin “section” in my closet. It is tucked into a dark corner–where the light doesn’t even reach if I wanted it to–with the rest of my Vegas dresses. Short, bandaged, sweetheart, neon, glittered, sequined…you get the point. So it is not often I see something sequined in broad light in my closet that I will actually wear. There’s one little exception to this and it is either New Years Eve or a glam holiday party. Seems a little cliche–I know–but a girls gotta take advantage of these opportunities to sparkle a little when she can! This pencil skirt is pretty understated, despite being a midi, and can be dressed more casually if desired with a plain white tee and some fun accessories. This version of my look is a bit more polished since I was attending a more corporate event, but you KNOW you will find me with a pop of something the next time this baby comes out!

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