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With only one week left in February, I am looking at the final 3 months before I tie the knot. It is both surreal and unbelievable that after what seemed like the biggest fight to convince everyone in my life that a 2-year engagement would fly by, it is now almost time! See, I told you all it would be quick (!!!). But honestly, I have a confession to make.

When I said “yes” on that vineyard almost 2 year ago, I wasn’t ready to get married. I said yes knowing we would be entering a 2-year engagement, as many of our (Paul & mine) conversations about getting engaged discussed. I wanted to be a fiancee, something I think many people rush through rather than enjoy. Not sure I can truly articulate the difference since most engaged people are practically married, but I knew I wanted to take my time being engaged.

Today, I am ready to be married. I know in my heart that these next 3 months are simply a formality waiting for the weeks to pass for June to finally arrive. It is the most incredible feeling to know that the near future bears the life-changing moment my favorite human will become mine forever. Call me cheesy but I have yet to think of something more exciting in my life. Oh, and there’s the whole going to Greece thing that is also pretty damn exciting. Going across the world to get married with my all family and friends is just icing on my not-happening wedding cake. Hey, you try finding a bakery on the island of Naxos who will make a Pinterest-worthy cake!

But all joking aside, I cannot believe that I will be Mrs. Paul Richards in 118 days. The end.

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