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Does anyone else feel like the whole ‘when it rains, it pours’ thing is so incredibly true?? I am going on Week #3 of absolute shittyness. I guess when things are going extremely well for so long it is bound to happen, but let me tell you…it is not fun. It is like an ice cold glass of water thrown in your face each time you finally fall asleep. Just when I feel like the weekend has arrived and the whole ‘there’s nothing a good bottle of wine can’t cure’ mindset sets in, it is rudely brought to a crashing halt first thing Monday morning. I apologize for my venting, but it is so necessary.

I won’t go on with more vagueness, but I will say that dealing with grown adults can sometimes be more challenging than children. Trying to balance your own life can be nearly impossible when self-employed. And keeping a certain level of optimism when faced with a series of let-downs is never easy. But by putting this all out there I am telling myself something: It is officially time to walk away from the bullshit and allow happiness to replace it.

In all honesty, my life is too blessed to allow insignificant things to affect it the way it has for the last 3 weeks. 2015 has been so good to me this far, let’s keep it that way.

Lace & Whiskey floral romperSivan Ayla x Lace & Whiskey



Floral Romper

I’m wearing: Lace & Whiskey romper // Rails flannel // Stuart Weitzman sandals // Ija Jewelry