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I recently read an article about girls (not sure if gender is actually relevant or not) who are considered outgoing introverts. I always had an issue typecasting myself as either an extrovert or introvert; I found both to be somewhat of an extreme, whereas I see myself as a pretty neutral type of girl. However, after reading the article I now know exactly how to describe my personality: outgoing introvert. Here’s why:

Come Monday morning 8:30am I’m all business. I’ve been told by my fiancee on a number of occasions that it is incredible how I go from bubbly, fun, easy-going Sivan Saturday & Sunday, to kind of crazy, borderline intense psycho by Monday. See, I have an issue (some call it OCD) that forces me to hit a level of productivity each week. After 2 full days of non-stop fun my energy starts to wear and I need to boost myself back into an organized mindset. This also happens after long days. I don’t want to chit-chat, I just want my space and time to decompress. Sometimes that means alone, sometimes that means in yoga, and sometimes that means staring at my phone for 2 hours to give myself some mindless recreation.

Don’t even get me started about trying to talk on the phone during business hours. Sure, I am self-employed and can actually do whatever the eff I want (aka text and call whenever I feel like it)┬ábut something many people don’t know about me is a simple text or call unrelated to my work will derail my focus and send me into an hour of procrastination. While I am an avid multi-tasker, talking on the phone handicaps me. So yes, I am ignoring your calls, but chances are if you call me 6:00pm or later (or on the weekends) I will very willingly answer.

As an outgoing introvert I absolutely love getting dinner with friends, both close and not so close, to catch up. I’m the kind of person you will spend 3 hours at dinner with because we will talk and talk and talk and I’ll make you spill your guts. I’m a “listener” and people tend to pick up on that and turn our dinner into a sort of therapy session…and I love it!

Lastly, since introverts do live inside their own head a lot, sometimes I will be thinking ‘that girl looks so gorgeous!’ and sort of forget to say it out loud. It’s less an insecurity thing, and more just getting too caught up in my own thoughts. I also tend to think I’ve told people (sorry Paul) things that I actually only thought in my own head. It can be a serious issue at times, but I’m working on it. Does anyone else relate to these traits and behaviors? I like to think that I’m not alone, as an entire article was written about our “kind,” but I’d love to hear your thoughts on this.

I’m wearing: Lacausa dress // Show Me Your Mumu faux fur // Rag & Bone booties // Janessa Leone hat // Charme Silkiner necklace