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I don’t know if I ever shared my last Coachella story with everyone, but since everyone is gearing up for festival season I figured it’s an appropriate time to share my experience. Going to Coachella was something we (my best friend and fiancé) had planned on doing all along but we were a little last minute about hotel reservations. Obviously everyone knows that hotels during Coachella not only sell out, but inflate their prices by more than 3 times the usual price–absurd! Well, we thought we had hit jackpot when we found our $100/per night room in a decent hotel that’s only 20 minutes away from the festival. Not!

Following the GPS through what we later learned was Joshua Tree, we were easily over an hour away from the festival. Since it was the first day/evening we were all pretty pumped up and hopped into a cab not really knowing where we were or how far away we were going. $150 later we arrived at the festival ready to go. We weren’t going to let an expensive cab ride get in the way of our fun…not when we can take an Uber home!

Hours later after a fun night of music, drinks, carnival rides, etc. we headed towards the Uber/cab line (approximately 1 mile away from the actual festivities). At this point our phones were pretty drained so we waited in line for a cab since Uber requires phone usage. 1 hour went by and we barely moved. 2 hours went by and we hadn’t moved AT ALL. Into hour 3 we learned the city of Palm Springs was basically out of cabs. Our phones were dying and Uber had now placed an extreme surcharge on their prices. We didn’t even care, we would pay anything to get back to our room at that point (roughly 3am).

With literally everyone in the near vicinity on their phones trying to hail a cab or catch an Uber we were shit out of luck. Nothing. Calling an Uber worked for 10 seconds and then failed. We lost connection, battery, and drivers gave up on us. At that point my buzz had completely worn off, I needed a tissue from all the dirt flying around in my nose, I was extremely dehydrated, it was very cold, and wayyyyy past my bedtime.

If you know me at all, you will know I don’t do well when cold, tired, or hungry. Combine all three and shit’s gonna hit the fan. Period. Just as I was about to lay down in the dirt with Lily and give up, Paul dragged us down the street (ughhh more walking!!!) to a Walgreens where a super sweet Uber driver was waiting for us with tissues, water, and a backseat for me to sleep in. $400 later we made it back to our hotel…Coachella was officially ridiculous at that point.

I guess it’s too late to make this story short but we did relocate to a classy Motel 6 the next day, which put us a true 20 minutes away from the festival. Paul also drove us the rest of the trip so no more crazy Uber stories…the end!

coachella gypsy outfits

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Coachella lace outfits

In case you were wondering, I will not be going to Coachella this year 🙂
I’m wearing: Gypsy05 lace shorts + top // Gypsy05 fringe mocassins // Gypsy05 bag