5 ITEMS TO STYLE A bookcase like a pro

Styling a bookcase takes 1) resources 2) practice and 3) patience. I have lived in my apartment for 5 years and still find myself rearranging the bookcase(s) on a weekly basis. It’s a never-ending process that I know many of you understand, as your taste and style is constantly evolving and I’m sure new items entering your home are bound to be front & center. I have taken many different approaches to styling my cases that have been inspired by multiple homes, The Coveteur, Pinterest, you get the point.

Just like my style in clothing changes regularly, so does my home. However, just like my style in clothing, I do stick to staple pieces that build the foundation for my style. I like to stick to 5 simple items when styling shelving of any sort– 1) books (obviously) 2) vases 3) boxes 4) candles 5) decorative objects (busts, bookends, tchachkis).

If you’re a newbie to styling a bookcase, sticking to the 5 items above will make your experience a whole lot easier. Once you get comfortable and develop your aesthetic you’ll find yourself adding little pieces that represent your personality and add character to your home. There are no rules for what is visually pleasing to you, but I do know that it can come off a little contrived when attempting to be too eclectic. Start with the basics and add from there.

In term of bookcases, I have found an awesome Ikea hack that I plan to share very soon!

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