HOME Sweet home

Sivan Ayla Home Sweet Home

I’ve been keeping the biggest secret this past month or so and it has absolutely been killing me to not share! After years of searching, debating, and finally biting the bullet, Paul and I bought a house! One of the first activities I ever did with Paul when we started dating (way back when in 2009) was go to an open house for a condo he was considering buying in Beverly Hills. It was pretty run-down and needed a ton of updating. Quite frankly, I thought he was a total fool to consider such a property in that condition, in that location, at that price. When he asked my honest opinion I decided to be upfront and tell him I would personally rather buy a house at that price (or cheaper) in another neighborhood than that run-down thing. From that moment on we were house-hunting buddies.

We have attended countless open houses throughout the years–running through them on our way somewhere or making a point to view anything interesting in our price range and neighborhood. When homes started selling on our block for over a million it was apparent that we were going to have to make a move (no pun intended) in the near future. And don’t laugh, but we watch just about every HGTV show there is to a point we feel ready to flip a house, fix-up a house, buy a house in the Caribbean, or just find a normal, good-to-go place to call home.

After what has been THE biggest emotional roller-coaster of my life (forget wedding planning…that’s a piece of cake compared to this!), I am so relieved to not only share my exciting news, but to finally be moving into a home. I have been stressed, anxious, nervous, depressed, angry, happy, obsessive, possessive, excited, and many other extreme emotions that have prevented me from posting on the blog, as my mind was just too preoccupied to truly post anything other than house news.

On a completely positive side-note, I’ve always had this notion of getting married and coming home to your new house (blame it on some cheesy Kate Hudson movie that put this idea in my head) with all your wedding gifts and boxes to be unpacked into your new life together. As a logical adult I know that timing is everything in real estate and the chances of that timeline actually happening is just unrealistic, which is why I never imagined that being my reality. However, time was on my side on this one, as I came home from my beautiful bridal shower to my new home with my very near future husband.