Gypsy 05 blue hi lo dress
From the wedding, that is. You guys, can you believe I am getting married so soon?! So sorry if this is wedding overload lately but now that it is actually here I cannot wrap my head around it. For starters, I have been working on my wardrobe for this trip / wedding for approximately 2 years, and the fact that next month I can FINALLY wear my ‘Greece Section’ is, on its own, beyond exciting to me. I’ve teamed up with Gypsy 05 (you may have noticed my face on their blog and Instagram throughout the year) to bring you some fun wedding features that will give you a direct peak into all things related to my wedding.

You can only imagine the amount of Gypsy 05 I’ll be wearing on this trip with all their beachy, blue & white dresses (like the one shown in this post) and cover-ups. They really are your one-stop shop to vacation style when it comes to this look.

Pretty sure my lack of computer and Internet in Greece will prevent me from blogging, plus, umm hi, I’ll be on my honeymoon (!!!), but you better believe I’ll be Instagramming! In the meantime check back for a full bridal shower recap that is coming your way very soon. I’ll just say this now…my shower was an absolute dream to me and I cannot wait to go into details with you all soon!