LIVELY - Sivan


Assali Lively dress

When I first saw this dress I instantly thought ‘this looks like something Serena wore in Gossip Girl.’ It was just a casual thought, nothing too significant, until I noticed that the designer named it the Lively dress. I can only assume it is named for the perfection that is Blake Lively! I had to have it (obviously). She’s my young adult idol (I go through idol phases as some might say and she is current IT), and basically anything she does or has I need. Bad. Call me crazy or sick in the head, I really don’t care.

Since I’m currently on the hunt for anything and everything white for Greece / the honeymoon I’m grabbing things that meet the criteria: white, flowy, and Greecian. This dress has a slight golden touch to it on the straps that make it the perfect Greecian vacation dress…you know, just in case you’re stopping by Santorini this summer.

Speaking of Greece, if any of you have ever been to Mykonos, Naxos, Milos, or Santorini feel free to share some must-try restaurants and some sights (I’m not a big sight-seeing girl but I’ll do certain things) to see.