I feel like I’ve traded fashion for furniture not just since moving into my new house, but years ago when Paul and I moved into our apartment. It was our first real spot that I could decorate and make our own and I fully spent every last dollar I had furnishing and decorating the place. It got so out of hand that I didn’t buy myself a single thing to wear for almost an entire year. I know that might sounds silly–as in, who cares? Some of us don’t shop ever! But, if you knew anything about me growing up it was that I loved fashion. From a very young age I was addicted to anything different that would make a statement.

So basically not shopping for clothes, shoes, or handbags for an entire year is like me abandoning my identity (try to not think of me as the world’s most materialistic person). However, after that year I found my desire / need / obsession for nice things kind of died down. Who knows, maybe it’s because I’m married to a live-in financial adviser, but either way, I really calmed down.

When I knew I was getting married in Greece it became a serious mission of mine to collection unique items that would make my wedding / honeymoon wardrobe special. I had all my friends and family sending me links on the regular of items I “had to have” for the trip. It got pretty intense.

Once I felt comfortable with my wardrobe for the trip, which happened pretty damn close to the trip, I realized I was missing one crucial thing. My wedding shoes! Since my ceremony took place on the sand I figured it was out of the question to wear shoes (which is true) but for the reception and pictures I would need something. I wasn’t sold on anything until I found these gorgeous, lace-up, white Aquazurra shoes that I actually had to have.

I couldn’t stop thinking about them. I needed them. And as we just discussed, it has been a while since I’ve have that feeling and because it was for my wedding it was going to happen. Fast forward to June 19th, 2015 and here I am walking to my ceremony in my shoes. I take them off right before I walk down the aisle, and never put them back on. It’s heartbreaking, I know. I was barefoot all night long. It’s sort of a testament to how relaxed and comfortable it was at the wedding. But on the other hand, it’s a little sad I didn’t wear them again that night.

When we arrived on Santorini I had to bust them out for good measure. I had to wear these shoes longer than 7 minutes in Greece. Of course I picked the most inclined, stair-infested island to do so but who cares! They are stunning and remind of me the most magical day of my life.