This summer has been full of travel–near & far–with each place offering something different. I was pretty excited to head to New York for a few reasons: 1) I’ve never been to the city in the midst of summer, 2) I was going with one of my best friends (Kelly + Sivan Take NYC Season 2), 3) I was seeing a client I absolutely love, and 4) I cannot get enough of the food in New York. Seriously, my stomach has expanded. There is such great dining in the city I just can’t pass up a spare moment to have a delicious anything!

While food is the main attraction for me when heading to the city, I also like to indulge in some touristic activities as well. I try not to be embarrassing about things but sometimes I just can’t help it. I love landmarks and I especially love the architecture in New York. In a city where walking is pretty mandatory, I’m surprised I haven’t walked into a pole with all the staring up I do (at the skyscrapers). However, I will spare you the details of my picnics in Central Park (yes, I had two), and stick to the good stuff, food.

See my list of faves below.


Two words: edamame dumplings. Like, I could order 3 plates of those and be good. They are drenched in a miso sauce that keeps them nice and warm as they melt in your mouth. It is the most unique dish I’ve ever had. It’s pretty busy all week long so I would suggest making a res ahead of time. Oh, and this is the restaurant Carrie had her rehearsal dinner at 😉


If you love cheese, burrata (I know burrata is a cheese but it gets its own category), wine, pasta, prosciutto, fish, gelato, etc. you must try Eataly. It is one massive marketplace with mini “restaurants” designated for all the categories I just listed above. Eataly is always on my list when visiting NYC–yeah, it’s that good. My favorite part (even though it is all good) is the cheese bar, where you stand at a high table and gorge on cheese and wine. Yep, it’s just as divine as it sounds.

Jack’s Wife Freda

I have to say that because I’m a blogger, right? Well, blogger or not, this place is ridiculous. And if you don’t know me by now, ridiculous means ridiculously amazing. Not even taking the marble tables, cute gold pendants, and adorable sugar packets into consideration, this place is the shit. The green shakshuka has mystified me. I make shakshuka at home often yet I have no clue what’s in this one. And why is it green? It actually upsets me to not know and not have one in LA to eat this regularly.


I love a good farm-to-table spot. Compromising freshness with a massive menu is not my favorite thing when eating out and Print is dedicated to serving only the freshest ingredients. This place is to the point, with a new menu each night. Everything was prepared perfectly. The rooftop bar has a gorgeous view of the city and Hudson River, and pretty much makes you feel like an extra in a Gossip Girl episode.


Named after a mistress who ran a brothel, this place couldn’t be further from it’s story. The decor is chic and the menu is delish. An all around fabulous place to eat in NYC and enjoy some fun music from the live DJ.

The Fat Radish

This place is pretty hipstery but if you can look past the waiters outfits (kidding!) you will be impressed by how creative they can get with their veggies. The menu is pretty heavy on the vegetables but you would be surprised how they can mix up the flavors from dish to dish. My taste-buds were definitely stimulated during this meal, as they used some of the most unusual combination of ingredients (green pea & mint pot pie, for example). The bonafee cake for dessert is so yummy I’m currently drooling typing this.

Some of you have asked me on Instagram what some of my must-see things are and even though I told you above I wouldn’t get into it, I will just list a few things I personally loved doing in New York.



Central Park– love having a low-key picnic out there. I also did a late-night carriage ride through the park since it’s so massive and I can’t ever seem to walk the entire thing.

Empire State Building- It was just something I had to do in order to get the full view of Manhattan. It is unbelievable! Plus, Blair & Chuck had a really heartbreaking scene up there.

Soho- The shopping is nothing we don’t have anywhere else, but the architecture is beautiful and the energy in the streets is contagious. Not to be confused with the obnoxious amount of people in Times Square, which I don’t like as someone who gets easily claustrophobic.

Carrie’s apartment- 66 Perry Street. Stop by there after you eat at Jack’s Wife Freda. It is sadly gated off and pictures are “not allowed” but anyone who grew up on the show will get a small thrill seeing that famous stoop.

5th Avenue- I can literally walk this street for miles. Again, the architecture is just so stunning even a basic Club Monaco store looks fabulous.

Hope this little guide helps anyone looking for some fun in NYC!