Gypsy 05 wrap ombre dress

Each day I wake up slightly different from the last. Some days I want to be active and healthy, some days I want nothing more than to be hidden in sweats looking totally homeless while procrastinating. It all just depends on my mindset / mood. Lately (as in, the last 5 days) I’ve been on a serious health-kick, really trying hard to eat well (I’ve cut meat completely out my diet) and attend at least 3 TRX classes each week. I seem to sleep better, digest better, have a better attitude, and just overall more motivated.

I’ve also come to the realization that a lot of what I suffer from (chronic sleepiness, headaches, and dizziness, just to name a few) has to do with my thyroid condition that I’m not too sure I’ve ever really gotten into on the blog. Pretty much I have hypothyroidism (there is hyper, which is over-active, and hypo, which is the opposite), but oddly enough I have some symptoms of the hyper thyroid. For years I ignored a lot of my symptoms and when asked if my condition affects my life it was an automatic “no.” However, it totally does affect me. A lot.

My condition is totally under control (I’ve been taking care of this since I was about 5 years old)–daily medication and yearly visits to my endocrinologist–but actively living a healthy lifestyle is the biggest contributor to my well-being. Being “here” has definitely lifted my spirits, AND, fall clothing (such as this super sexy dress by Gypsy 05) arriving in the mail isĀ definitely adding to the happiness. In my head I’m willing to try anything that will help me blend in with the people I admire for living a good life. Being open-minded is mandatory to pursue happiness that way I do, because sometimes it means trying something completely new or different than I’m used to. Some things stick and some flee faster than I can even comprehend, but ultimately I just want to consistency in the most important parts of my life.

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I’m wearing: Gypsy 05 Bastet wrap dress // Aquazzura French Lover heels // Le Specs Jealous Games sunnies // Ella Moss bag // vintage necklace