DIY FAIL: Marble pumpkins

palm pumpkins

You’re probably wondering where the marble is, right? Well, it’s layers and layers beneath the palms and cacti. My DIY contributor, Kelly, and I had planned to paint our pumpkins different variations of marble this year but were very disappointed when our efforts went to shi*! You should know that over the years (yes, we have been crafting together for years!), Kelly and I have never quit on a project. We typically go into the project thinking it’s going to be “so easy,” but always learn otherwise. However, never once have we just straight-up given up.

Let me explain.

Painting marble is not really possible on a rounded surface. While the veining and shading is supposed to be organic (and we are pretty damn good at free-handing “organic”), there is a slight symmetrical pattern that goes up and down. Something that is very hard to do on a rounded pumpkin. We had initially planned to dip a feather in paint and let the magic happen for the veining, but honestly, it was a total disaster. It looked like Frankenstein’s forehead. Stitches. Cracking. Anything but marble.

After hours of attempting to make it work (we tried painting the veining by hand, using a feather, letting water drip, etc.), a bottle of wine, and all hope out the door, we decided it was time to abandon the marble idea. We opted for a much simpler, more do-able, design of something else we love: pink, palms, and cacti! Not nearly as exciting as marble but hey, we tried!

palm tree pumpkins

But just in case you want to brave this DIY, here are our set-up, supply, and steps shots. If you manage to make it work, PLEASE share your secrets! Good luck.

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