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Well, because it’s my favorite month and time of year in general, I’m going to share my favorite things about fall instead of talk about this outfit that I’m pretty is self-explanatory. But just in case, here is a transitional fall look since it’s still technically 90+ degrees out and not really feeling like fall, but I used fall textures and colors. Suede is definitely having a major moment in my closet, and these shoes are my current favorite statement shoes. Good? Ok, moving on.

10 Reasons I Love Fall:

1. Pumpkin painting. Aside from being 10000 times easier than carving pumpkins, you can stock up early and deck your front-door area all month long without worrying about them molding too fast. I’m actually not 100% sure what goes on inside a painted pumpkin but I’m going on year 3 of doing this and so far nothing terrible to report. In case you missed this year’s pumpkin theme check it here.

2. Watching Scary TV. Paul and I began the tradition of watching scary movies and shows (American Horror Story returned this month) instead of regular TV. It gives us a reason to cuddle under blankets and drink hot beverages since it’s so scary, you know?

3. Drinking fall cocktails. Think: spiced sangria, hot toddies, sage fizz, etc. We are moving away from Sunday’s spent drinking Spritzs to spiked ciders.

4. Gardening. Well, this is a new one for me. Since all summer is was excruciatingly hot, I didn’t get to spend quality time working on my landscaping. However, with cooler temps I’m fully planning to take advantage of the prime outdoor time.

5. Sitting by the fire + reading. My new house doesn’t have a fireplace (sadly), but we are installing a fire pit in our backyard since we are big fire people. That sounded weird. But basically we love to be comfy in front of a fire with some mellow music playing as we read with the pups. Tell me that doesn’t sound heavenly.

6. Hiking. As in #6, hiking in a non-existant activity for me during summer. But give me some fog and chill during the morning and I’ll happily hit the trails. This is good news for my dogs, too.

7. Picnics in the park. Are you sensing a pattern here? I’m a pretty simple girl deep down and thoroughly enjoy a nice relaxing picnic in the park.

8. Hollywood Cemetery nights. It really doesn’t get creepier than watching a movie in the cemetery. And while this goes on all summer, I’m not really into it until the Halloween special comes along. I just have a thing for horror I guess.

9. Cleaning out my closet. Wait, didn’t I say fun things to do during fall? Well, yes, I do love to purge and clean out my closet. But, what’s even more fun is stocking up on new fall clothing after selling pieces that I know I will no longer be wearing. I’m listing all pieces it’s time to part with on Poshmark and in turn, purchased this little look above (and below).

10. Wearing dark lipstick. I’m such a fan of red lips but I like to play with deeper shades of red and purple as well. It’s seriously something I look forward to during the fall season (if it would hurry up and get here!).

What do you love most about fall? Have I missed anything?

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Photography by Felicia Lasala // Clothing all from: elle a