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THE 90’S

button up skirt

It’s pretty obvious the 90’s are having a moment in fashion right now. I mean, corduroy? Suede? Skorts? This button-front skirt? Don’t get me wrong, I was all about that yellow plaid and knee-high socks life the instant I watched Clueless back in 1995, but I’m wondering just how long these trends are gonna stick around. It’s weird to be at an age where fashion has come back full circle. It’s just one of those things your parents always said when we were growing up, “oh, those are back in again?!” Well, yup, the 90’s are back in again, and if you’re an 80’s baby then you are suffering from the same dejavu as I am.

While I vowed to never be a victim of trends (at least, ones that didn’t work for me), I am very comfortable in my 90’s gear, well, because this isn’t my first rodeo! And I was around the first time they made a statement so I feel a little obligated to participate. You know, to show the kids how it’s really done.

I’m clearly showing my age and speaking of such, my birthday is right around the corner. It’s astonishing to me how fast time is flying by. I mean, I feel like just yesterday I woke up to a bed full of donuts and puppies and it was Day One of being 27! Eeeeeeeeeekkkkk!

off the shoulder bodysuit



sivan ayla

corduroy skirt

Outfit c/o: elle a // Photography: Felicia Lasala