ribbed bodysuit

FML next week is my birthday (insert: monkey hiding it’s eyes emoji). 30 is really starting to creep up–even though I have 2 years and 1 week (whose counting?)–and I’m starting to make a pre-30 bucket list. A lot can happen in 2 years (and 1 week), so I am determined to fill it with some noteworthy adventures. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy getting older in the aspect that I feel “wiser” and more comfortable being myself. I know it takes a lot of confidence to say NO, your opinion(s) in general, and for me (a Scorpio), my feelings. However, each passing year I am feeling a bit more comfortable doing so.

With that said, here is my [bucket] list for my pre-30 years:

Travel. Well, duh. How original, right? But more specifically, I want to go to Spain and back to Italy to drive the coast. I’m pretty content with the amount of travel I’ve done thus far, but these 2 trips are definitely the burning 2 that must get done sooner rather than later.

Write a book. I’ve had a book in the making for years. I’m secretly grateful I have not rushed this though, as I’m sure I will cringe looking back at what’s already written. But I do intend to publish something in the near future–be it a novel, a cookbook, etc. It’s gonna happen.

Wallpaper a wall. I’m pretty terrified of the commitment to wallpaper. It’s semi-permanent and if you think my personal style changes often, come check out my house in the span of 1 month and see how that is a continuously changing environment. I want to take that leap of faith because I love a good wallpaper but I’ll be damned if I ever pick one out and actually do it. Here’s to trying!

Develop a green thumb. Since buying a house I’ve taken up gardening as a hobby. I’m dead serious. I really enjoy taking care of my yard and transforming it into something I’m proud of and find visually pleasing. However, I’m not the best at diagnosing my plants and spend a decent amount of time online trying to figure it out. I would be very happy if by 30 I could just look at my plants and know what is wrong.

Become a better boxer. I’ve always loved boxing and kickboxing and I’ve done it on and off for years, and I’m back ON. My husband takes classes with me on the weekend and there is nothing I dislike more than him whispering in my ear during class that I’m punching wrong or my footwork sucks. First off, go f*%$ yourself! Second, I want to learn and get better 🙂

Invest in a stock. And actually understand what the eff is going on. My lack of financial savy-ness is pitiful and it would be nice that in the event I died unexpectedly I had something to leave my husband. Morbid thought, I know. But I feel as though not having anything to show for myself (financially) is pretty damn sad as well.

Semi learn a new language. I already speak English (duh) and Hebrew, but it would be nice to learn Italian for when I travel back to Italy. Just simple conversational Italian–not like crazy fluent or anything. My husband may or may not already have bribed me with this…learn to speak Italian and we will go back.

Have a baby? No plans–for real–to have a baby anytime soon. BUT, I do feel like I want a baby by the time I’m 30. Could happen on my 30th birthday and I would be happy. I just see how youthful and fun my parents are and it makes me want to have that same relationship with my kids. Granted, my parents had me wayyyyyyy too young (in my opinion–they were 21), but 30 is the new 21, right? So it’s like the same thing.

Clothing c/o: elle a // Photography: Felicia Lasala