10 WINTER DATE Night ideas

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During the winter we (my husband & I) love to be home bodies. Actually, who am I kidding? We love to stay home year-round. BUT, there’s just something a little more acceptable about staying home when it’s cold. In our minds it’s just an excuse for endless movie nights, hot chocolate, puppy time, and cuddles. Sounds good, no? Well, in case you’re not quite as low-key as us, here are some other ideas that we enjoy as well. Would love some new ideas if any of you have any 🙂

1. Midnight ice skating. The prices are cheaper and it’s the perfect opportunity to look like a hero (since most men suck at skating). And secretly we all love a good excuse to bust out the gloves and scarves.

2. Fireside arts and crafts. Pretty much anything by any fire is a fabulous date in my opinion. After installing a fire-pit in our backyard Paul and I have plans for date night pretty much every night. Wine after dinner. Wine after lunch. Wine after Sunday brunch…you get the point. But, if you’re not quite at that point [yet], it’s sets a nice romantic setting while getting a little messy with the crafting.

3. Ornament making. Get sentimental or stick to abstract art. Either way, you will be creating memories together AND getting some sweet decor for your tree.

4. Horseback riding. If you live somewhere this is accessible, DO IT! It is such a different experience and often will result in many laughs. Plus, just think of the photos you two will get out of it!

5. Beach bonfire. A classic. Roast marshmallows, sip boxed wine (low key), and don’t forget the music. The perfect playlist will make you feel straight out of a chick flick.

6. Backyard dinning al fresco. Spread out a Mexican blanket, grab some paper bags and fill with battery-operated candles, hit Trader Joe’s for some easy snacks, and pop the bubbly. If possible, bring out some large comfy pillows and blankets and star gaze.

7. Living room lip Sync battle. A favorite in our house. Turn up the music and get loose. We lip sync to a song for a good 60 seconds (often ending up jumping on the bed) and well, I nearly pee my pants every time Paul does his Justin Bieber impersonation.

8. Sushi making + hot sake. Can’t lie, I haven’t done this one yet. BUT, I fully intend to. We frequent our favorite sushi restaurant every Friday night and it might (MIGHT) we more fun to gorge ourselves on our favorite dishes and of course sip some hot sake.

9. At home wine flight. Got to Trader Joes and buy 4-6 different wines, cheeses, and chocolates. Mix and match the food with the wine until you like a pairing. Bonus if you can describe the aromas in each wine (the back of the label should tell you what’s actually in it). Chances are you will be too drunk to really care though.

10. Movie night drinking game. My favorite movie to do this to is Breakfast at Tiffany’s. It’s ultra girly but date nights should be lovey dovey. Each time Audrey says ‘dahling’ sip your cocktail. Most men find this movie incredibly boring so the drinking game aspect will really make them more receptive to the whole idea. Sneaky, I know!

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Outfit c/o: elle a. // Photography: Felicia Lasala