DIY napkin rings

I couldn’t believe my eyes when I searched on Pinterest for a DIY napkin solution the day before Thanksgiving. I was literally stopped in the middle of Target frantically scrolling through 100’s of pins when it dawned on me that all I would need is something cylindrical and the rest would be easy. My solution to everything: spray paint! Being a plumber’s daughter I of course realized that 1″ PVC pipe would do the trick 😉

After a quick trip to Home Depot, $11 later I was headed home to begin my craft. I already owned the gold spray paint (duh), and used decorative tape to shape my “design.” Let me just say that if I had more time I would have been a little more picky and made the tape pieces thinner. Also, I would have called me dad to find a way to sand down end to be completely smooth. Everyone was pretty impressed when they found out I made them last minute so I’m not mad about it.

What You Need:

  • 1″ PVC pipe (sold pre-cut at Home Depot)
  • Spray paint
  • Painters tape
  • Nail polish remover

What To Do:

  1. Use the nail polish remover to wipe off the SKU number printed on the pipe.
  2. Cut pieces of tape and place on the pipe to create your “design.”
  3. Spray paint the entire pipe.
  4. Flip over and spray a second coat.
  5. Remove tape.
  6. Voila! Let dry overnight.