camixa button down shirt

I could very easily cheat about my age. Without makeup–which you will most likely catch me without most days–I often get questioned about my age. I get carded every time I buy alcohol, most people think I’m younger than my sisters (who are 7+ years younger…), and they even ask me if I’m 18 at MICHAEL’S when I’m buying spray paint! I mean…

As I approach 30 (yes, 30!!!!) I guess this should all be good news to me, right? And I guess I owe my mother a big THANK YOU for the resilient skin she has passed on.

From time to time I enjoy playing up (or down) my age by truly looking like a college (or high school lol) student. However, it is totally unintentional. Most times it’s just because I have too much crap to lug around and my mini purses just won’t cut it. A backpack just makes sense for someone who is constantly carrying around a large camera, outfit changes, boxing gear, returns, boxes, packing tape, etc.

While this look was inspired by my school-girl days, don’t be fooled. I totally rock this look often and I actually own multiple backpacks since I try to somewhat coordinate colors. Ironically, when I was IN school I used a purse (for my lip-gloss & Bath & Body Works lotions lol) and carried my books in my arms. What a moron! If I was in school today I would a million percent use this backpack to carry my stuff. And hey! There’s even room in there for my chapstick & stupid lotions, too!