B Low The Belt

Lately a lot has been on my mind about the blog. I’m trying to decide the “direction” I want to take–either continue doing what I’m doing by mixing it up (fashion, home, cooking, etc.) or completely nixing outfits (and fashion altogether) to focus more on the lifestyle aspect. I pay close attention to every comment on all my platforms to see what it is you (my readers) are interested in, but I’m slightly confused. Just when I think I’ve narrowed it down, I see a completely different (almost opposite) reaction to what I thought.

Instead of trying to come up with the right formula for you guys, I’ve decided to enlist your help. After all, if you’re a reader you most likely know a lot of personal details about my life, and so I feel I should be able to get a little info out of you. I know not everyone chooses to publicize their life (as I do), but I would love to hear from my readers firsthand about the topics that interest you most on my blog.

In regards to omitting outfit posts, here is my train of thought. I don’t have much to say about an outfit. Sure, it’s cute, I’m wearing so-&-so designer, and I worked with a photographer to look as natural as possible. You all know this. I love telling a story, or even sharing insight into my life and what works for me. I feel I live a pretty realistic / attainable lifestyle (that I enjoy) and I truly like sharing tips and tutorials with you. When I post an outfit, you can pretty much assume I will not be writing about how fabulous boyfriend jeans are, and how awesome my t-shirt is (even though is totally is!). I will try my hardest to share something insightful and interesting. But it’s not always easy to think of topics to discuss when it has absolutely NOTHING to do with the photos / outfit. Am I making any sense?

So, basically what I want to know is this: do you still want me to do outfit posts? Are there any topics you want me to cover instead or in addition to outfits? And lastly, I would love to know about you.

Tell me who you are, where you live, why you read my blog. I would love to get to know my readers and feel like I do have a community of people all around the world whom I can discuss anything with. It may sound weird, but I take comfort in knowing that I have you out there, and while we are on the subject, thank you so much for reading! It honestly means so much to me. Each comment, like, share, does not go unnoticed (even when you tell me I need to eat a pizza?!). So I ask for this favor, tell me who my readers are!


B Low the belt brie

One Teaspoon boyfriend jeans

Sol Sanna sandals

all white outfitBalenciaga small bag Cin Jynn t shirt



I’M WEARING: One Teaspoon Boyfriend Jeans // CynJin t-shirt // B-Low The Belt Frank Belt // Sol Sana Tally II Sandals // Ray Ban Roundies // Balenciaga Papier Zip

Photography by: Felicia Lasala