sporty chic

Lately I’ve been finding myself “dressing up” a little more than usual. Let’s be totally honest, shall we, I can get away with work-out clothes most days, but the last couple weeks have been downright hectic. On one hand I really enjoy the change of pace (aka needing to do my hair and make-up), but on the other hand I am starting to see a trend develop. It doesn’t look like things will slow down anytime soon, so long as I’m putting myself “out there.”

I used to value style over comfort but now that I’m running around from place to place–and that’s no exaggeration, I’m usually literally running because I’m late–I find comfort to be the priority above anything else. If you were to walk into my closet tomorrow you would find tons of oversized sweaters, joggers (like these silky ones that are more “dressy”), an array of lace-up heels (the most comfortable to wear all day), and endless basics. Yeah…my wardrobe is THAT exciting [sarcasm].

But hey, every now and again I can come up with something a little different, like this outfit, that I feel someone, somewhere might appreciate. An easy breezy, I-have-so-much-to-do-but-want-to-look-put-together look that truly feels effortless. And now that I just said it (or wrote it) I realize that having effortless style is always my goal.

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Outfit c/o: VICI [silk joggers // sweater crop top] | Photography by: Felicia Lasala