Best Eyelash Routine

If I was stranded on a desert island and could only bring 1 beauty product it would be mascara. On days I don’t have a meeting of some sort you will find me bare-faced with just mascara on. Mascara is just part of my routine, it doesn’t feel like a chore or something I’m going out of my way for. I’m all about the no make-up look when it’s not necessary, but I have to be straight up sick to go a day without mascara.

Since I put such emphasis on having my lashes looking good 24/7 I figured I would share my routine. Like everything else in my life, my lashes have their very own routine. Don’t judge me, I just like developing systems that work. Even with beauty routines.

Before we dive into all the products I’m currently loving, I want to share that I use an eyelash growth serum. I was hesitant to get into this, but a couple years ago I was introduced to Rapid Lash. It’s one of the original serums on the market that hasn’t been banned because of dangerous chemicals (that can change your eye color and whatnot). Since I love a long, thick lash I was willing to give it a try, and I must say that since using this product I barely wear false lashes anymore. Not that I wore falsies on a random Tuesday, I’m talking about events. I always loved adding individual lashes to enhance the volume of my lashes but I rarely find myself using them anymore. Oh, this is not sponsored, so just my honest-to-g*d love for this product.

In case your wondering, I didn’t start seeing results until about 2 weeks into using the Rapid Lash. I only use it at night after my face is washed. It’s applied just like liquid liner, except without all the fuss.

For my mascara-only days, I always brush my lashes with my brow brush (I kind of invented this theory that lashes need to be brushed after seeing Audrey Hepburn do it on Breakfast At Tiffany’s), then curl my lashes, apply mascara (current fave here), let it dry a little, re-curl my lashes, then apply one final coat on the top and bottom. I personally like my lashes a little chunky and cat-eyed. On Snap you will often find me talking about working the mascara wand outward to create a cat-eye because I’ve trained mine to go that way. After years of doing so they pretty much grow in that direction now (oops).

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