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I reference my “hair washing schedule” pretty often on Snap (@sivanayla), and I thought it was time I officially shared what the hell I’m talking about. Pretty much, having long hair is a HUGE pain and requires serious maintenance. In order to keep it tamed, styled, and under control I have developed a hair washing schedule that coincides with my work-out schedule.

There are tons of articles that talk about the perks of not washing your hair often, and I’ve definitely fallen victim to that theory, but my life-changing dermo told me otherwise. Basically she told me that washing your hair daily is ideal for your skin, as natural oils and sweat builds up and can cause break-outs along the hairline (yuck!). BUT, I know it’s not ideal for anyone which medium-to-long hair to wash their hair daily.

I mean, let’s be real. Just brushing my wet hair is a pain. Then, I have to wait approximately 3 hours for it to air dry. So I’m basically trapped at home for 3 hours unless I want to blow-dry it, which will not only cause more heat damage, but will change the way I style my hair. Also, you can forget about going to sleep on wet hair. Not only will my hair still be soaking in the morning (not sure how?) but it will be W-I-L-D. So, yeah, have fun finding 3 hours to let your damn hair dry. Oh, and don’t forget to style it when it’s dry! Ugh.

So now you probably understand why I really really really don’t enjoy washing my hair. Below I’ve outlined my hair washing schedule for anyone who is trying to figure out when is a good time…

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Monday: Hair is dirty. I use dry shampoo to get me through the day. I go to boxing in the evening. Wash my hair, let it air dry.

Tuesday: I curl my hair in the morning. I usually schedule shoots and meetings on this day since my hair is nice and clean. Even though Day 2 hair is nice (a little more wavy and loose) I prefer my hair to be squeaky clean.

Wednesday: Hair is starting to look dirty. I work out in the evening. Wash my hair, let it air dry.

Thursday: I do my hair in the morning. Again, shoots and meetings usually take place on this day.

Friday: Hair begins to look a little dirty. I might wear my hair in a bun, ponytail, braid, or wear a hat. Any sight of oil grosses me out so I definitely use dry shampoo for my in-between days.

Saturday: Go to boxing in the morning. Wash my hair immediately after. Let it air dry (do nothing, aka sit at home, for 3 hours), then curl it. Now I can resume my afternoon in public 😉

Sunday: Hair is in good shape. No working out on a Sunday, though!