beachy hair tutorial

The #1 question I get on social media is how do I do my hair? It’s bizarre because I don’t find my technique to be anything special. Also, I’ve been using the same damn curling iron for YEARS…and I’m talking my $20 CVS curling iron. So yeah, I’m always shocked / flattered that people are interested in my hair styling.

My goal is always to look effortless and low maintenance. Realistically, it takes me no longer than 14 minutes to do my hair (trust me, I’ve timed it), and that’s the way I like it. For my hair quality my technique lasts 2-3 days and it just gradually gets looser, giving that beachy wavy look. Day #1 is typically a little more polished, but with the right products you can fix that. Or, if you like polished rock it!

Since I’m loving creating videos for you guys I’ve decided to finally put together a proper tutorial so you can follow along. The video will explain everything, but if I left anything out feel free to leave me a Q in the comments. Would also love to know your thoughts on the videos so far, as I’m in the process of shooting tons of content and would like to get your take–topics, comments, questions, suggestions, etc.

With that said, press play, give it a thumbs up (if you liked it), and don’t forget to SUBSCRIBE!