10 REASONS I LOVE To exercise

Fitness motivation

You guys have asked me what keeps me motivated to work out, and so I’ve made a list of reasons why I’m addicted. Take away from it what you want, but these are honestly the things that keep me motivated to keep hitting the gym. For me, exercise if more about maintaining my physical and mental health, rather than the physical appearance, so it becomes less of a chore since there is no pressure. Of course, seeing the physical results is also rewarding, but it’s not my priority.

I come from a long line of girly physical activities–ballet, dance, gymnastics, horseback riding, cheerleading–and so trying new forms of exercise is just part of the fun. There are so many methods available to us now that I don’t see how anyone could ever possibly get bored or tired of exercise (no pun intended). I’m having so much fun trying to work outs and learning new techniques that exercise has become a huge part of my well being and overall happiness.

Recently I’ve been all about kickboxing. I joined a boxing gym back in October and have been alternating regular boxing and kickboxing to make sure my body is getting a well balanced work out. Prior to boxing I was a TRX junkie! I was so addicted, but after moving I couldn’t find a TRX gym or instructor that I was in love with (unfortunately). I now have a TRX in my backyard that I’ll occasionally use when I’m feeling extra motivated. While all of these high intensity classes vary (think: flavor of the month / year), I will always love yoga. I think the core of my strength comes from yoga, which is why it is so important to always incorporate yoga poses into my normal work outs.

See, I’m pretty passionate about exercise and all the positive effects of it. Read on to find out what else motivates me…




Happiness. When I work out regularly there is a noticeable difference in my mental health / happiness. They aren’t lying about all that endorphin talk. It’s a real release that definitely has an affect on my body.

Productivity. Developing a schedule / routine is great to get your mind in the right place. It forces you to stick to a schedule (especially if you’re taking group classes or working with a trainer), and essentially adds an element of responsibility to your life. For me, since my schedule is different each week, I always evaluate my weekly obligations and make sure to work in 3-4 work outs where I can. This forces me to be productive during the time slots I’ve allotted to work in order to make my work out.

Gossip. Ha! This is a real reason. My best friend takes boxing with me so having a companion to not only “suffer” through class with, but also catch up on life is reason enough to get my butt into the gym. Literally. We motivate each other to stay on track with our squat challenge, too Plus, someone has to be around to Snapchat for me 😉

Health. Because I have a thyroid condition–one that is supposed to make it very challenging for me to lose weight–I am slightly paranoid about exercising regularly. While I don’t stress over my weight, I always want to feel confident about my body and I know what it takes. And let’s be honest. I love Taco Bell, licorice, wine, wine, and wine. So yeah, working out is kinda necessary.

Cute outfits. I know I’m not alone on this one. Who doesn’t love a cute new outfit to motivate you to hit the gym, right? Likewise for new sneakers! In fact, a cool new water bottle, towel, gym bag, yoga mat, anything!!! I get more excited about exercise STUFF than fashion-related stuff.

Photos. It has become part of my job to maintain a physique I feel comfortable enough with to put in front of a camera. Not just for blogging, but for modeling as well.

-People. As I mentioned above, when I find an instructor I love I will make it my mission in life to always take their class. I’m one of those crazy people that likes to show their loyalty to their instructors (or maybe I’m the only one lol). I’ve just had really great experiences with instructors seriously changing my life. I used to take a TRX class with a guy who literally made me cry after each class because he was so uplifting. He would always laugh at me since he didn’t want to make me cry, but I always assured him I was just THAT happy. I know…I’m a total weirdo.

-Wine consumption. Soooo I made a resolution to drink less. I used to drink a glass (or 2) of wine each night and I was just starting to feel like I should cut back a lil bit. This year I’ve made it a goal to only drink wine on nights I’m not working out and on the weekend. The result? I’m only have wine or cocktails 2-3 times per week (including the weekend). Baby steps.

-Anger. I guess it’s only appropriate that I take boxing, right? Punching a bag on an angry day is very therapeutic. But seriously, this ties back to happiness and my overall attitude. Working out changes my attitude in a positive way that is sometimes necessary when I’m having one of those days that absolutely everything is pissing me off.

-Bonding. My husband takes boxing with me one the weekends but in general we love to do physical activities together (and our dogs). It’s our time to do something we enjoy, talk, and spend quality time together. Good enough for me!