You guys, welcome Paul!

I promise I didn’t have to twist his arm (too hard) to get him to agree to be part of my blog. He is fully the guy behind this blog and sometimes the camera, but I love turning the camera on him to catch him doing weird things (that end up on Snapchat). I’ve been wanting to incorporate more relationship stuff to the blog for a while now and since I’m going full force with YouTube I figured now is the time.

Get ready because we will be releasing tons of videos together. So far we have topics like moving in together, co-parenting our dogs, wedding planning, and much more coming your way. However, we would LOVE to get your feedback and requests. What do YOU want us to talk about? Believe it or not, my girlfriends all come to Paul when it comes to relationship advice (not me). He always has the most sensible advice, but he also has the whole guy perspective thing, which I guess gives him a leg up on me in that department.

So, with that said, please leave us a comment about what you would like to see next. Enjoy!