12 AREAS I FORGET To clean

Melaluca Cleaning Supplies

It’s about that time of year when your house is ready for the big “spring cleaning.” Perfectly aware that we are heading into summer (or maybe we already are?), but sometimes housework just kinda takes the back-burner. Not that I don’t love having a Monica Gellar day going on a cleaning rampage, but if you give me the option of cleaning or binge watching Real Housewives I think we all know the answer to that one…

Aside from avoiding the big spring cleaning, I wanted to share with you guys parts of my house that I often forget to clean. It’s always when I randomly stumble upon them that I realize just how gross they get. So, in case you’re like me and sometimes forget to clean the top of your headboard, read on more “oh yeahhhh” spots. You can thank me later.

Lastly, I also wanted to mention that since switching all my cleaning supplies to all-natural ones from Melaleuca, my skin doesn’t feel like it’s deteriorating after a day of cleaning. There are no harsh chemicals in these cleaning supplies, so if you happen to spill or leave residue on the floor and your poochies get to it no harm will be done. Obviously don’t feed it to them or anything, but that peace of mind really lowers my anxiety.

And just in case you were wondering, no, this post is not sponsored. I was raised using Melaleuca products, which are all tea tree oil based, and I’m seriously obsessed with their line of cleaning products. They smell amazing, and the fun part is you get to mix your own. Majority of it is water with a dash of actual cleaning product, but I promise they all work amazingly well! I highly recommend anyone with dogs or kids try these out.


-Top of headboard / bed frame. This is what initially prompted me to go on a hunt for other places I was neglecting. It gets especially gross if you have a cloth headboard like me. A layer of dust had settled right above my face, where I spend a good 8-9 hours each night. Yuck!

-The washing machine. Soap spills, particles of clothing, mildew, etc. I got a brand new washer and dryer when I moved into my house and 1 year later they were both due for a thorough cleaning. If yours has that rubber lining / ring check the inside of that baby. The inside of the door / window probably has some dirt as well.

-Top of your hood. My stove has a hood that collected a nice layer of dirt. It was a combination of dust and cooking oils, food, etc. Who would have thought to clean there? Not me.

-Inside of your utensil drawer. Not sure how this happens, as I promise I only put the dishes away when they are clean, but I always see the strangest stuff in my utensil holder thingy. Every now and then it’s good to just take out all the silverware and clean the damn thing.

-Air filters & ducts. This is a little more intense and you may need help locating them (I sure as hell did), but it is important to clean these since the air in your house goes through these screens. You don’t want all those tiny dirty particles floating around. I have severe allergies so for someone like me having dirty air vents is an absolute nightmare.

-Top of framed art. I have several gallery walls in my house and I don’t think a single one has ever been dusted. It was only when I was swapping out some artwork that I noticed how dirty they were. I’ve since dusted them 🙂

-Refrigerator coils. Huh? Yeah…same reaction here. Here is what I learned. Your fridge has this coil (typically at the bottom) that can collect serious dust and grime, which can reduce the efficiency of your fridge. Not only is it gross, but it can also raise the price of your energy bill since your fridge will have to work harder to do its job. It is suggested to vacuum the coils every 6 months or so.

-Under the bed. It might seem obvious, but honestly, who cleans ALL the way under the bed? Get a dry Swiffer and go to town under there. Again, the space you sleep should be as clean as possible.

-Door handles & light switches. You know how they say remote controls are the dirtiest parts of hotels? Well, I say door handles and light switches are the dirtiest part of a house. Everyone, and I mean everyone, touches them. Especially the front door [insert cringing face emoji]. I like to disinfect mine with some wipes from time to time.

-Baseboards. I can shed literal tears talking about how annoying it is to clean baseboards. I sweep, and suddenly the baseboards are dirty. It’s like a vicious cycle that I really really dislike. But yeah, use a damp cloth to wipe them down.

-Closet floors. This one really gets me. Unless you have some fabulous, well-lit, walk-in situation, your closet might be kinda dark like mine. Meaning: I don’t spend a lot of time in there, let alone any time cleaning it. Big mistake. The floors get so dirty in there you might want to check the inside of your shoes, too. Not kidding. I started keeping my shoes in their boxes for a while since the insides were always getting so dusty.

-Pillows. Have you ever removed the pillowcase that goes underneath the pillowcase? If you have, you know how scary it is under there. Yellow-orange stains everywhere! But why?! Drool? Sweat? Why does that happen? In any case, check your pillows down to their core and get that sh*t cleaned!