VIDEO: Living room tour

Deciding on the “comfy” living room layout, furniture, decor, etc. was just the most exciting moment in life for me. As you will learn in the video, my previous living room (with Paul) was just a nightmare. He was so stuck in that 1990’s bachelor pad mindset that I wasn’t even allowed to have a coffee table! We had to have this massive leather ottoman instead. So much yuck. Needless to say, the feeling of having a living room I love is such a relief.

I take such pride in my home that it pains me to have a space that I’m not totally in love with. Luckily we are past those days of Paul imposing his “style” on me. I guess you could say he has come around to the fact that I’m a pretty decent decorator and that he should trust me. I think he secretly feared that with that much power I would make the entire house pink or something.

While this room is still sort of a work-in-progress, I’m 80% there. I’m feeling pretty good about how the room is shaping up aesthetically and I’ve definitely been enjoying that massive comfy couch. We no joke sit on opposite ends and sprawl out with the pups.

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