Capri Travel Guide

Today marks one year since I said “I do” on the beach in Greece. Acknowledging that my wedding was one year ago is such a bittersweet feeling. On one hand, the year flew by, letting me know that I’m living life to the fullest. On the other hand, how do you move past all the fuzzy, magical things that come along with being a newlywed?

I’ll be totally honest. Being married hasn’t changed one thing for us. I take it back, my last name is now Richards. But, as far as “life” being different, everything has remained the same. We are just one year further into our relationship, which brings its own set of perks. I know more about Paul than I did the year before, I’ve grown as a person, our careers reached new levels, but none of that is because we are actually married.

I’m definitely not trying to devalue the sanctity of marriage, but this is the most casual contract I’ve ever signed and I’m married to a lawyer! Even before we were engaged I knew how committed and devoted Paul was to me. I didn’t need a ring or contract to validate or confirm that. So what did I learn in the first year of marriage? I learned that I made the best decision in choosing my life partner. I’m married to the most loyal, trustworthy, [brutally] honest, loving man I’ve ever known.

Paul has my best interest at heart, even if that means taking his job as my attorney / husband / sometimes-photographer slightly over the top. He makes all my dreams a reality–traveling with me to places he never knew existed, supporting my blog even when the growth and progression was slow, letting me make our home my dream house, waking up early on vacation to take photos during the best lighting…no one can put up with me better than my husband. I talk to our dogs 24/7 in an invented language he is now fluent in. If not for him, I would never eat breakfast, eat enough protein, take my pills, or have a blog!

So while being married for one year didn’t change a whole lot for us, being together for another year just makes me appreciate Paul even more than I did the year before. We are growing as individuals, but we are growing together. Our bond and friendship is unbreakable and I cannot wait to see what another year of being together brings.




These photos were taken the night we celebrated our anniversary in Capri. We ate at a restaurant called Ristorante da Paolino, which is a giant lemon orchard turned restaurant. The entire experience was unreal. Aside from the divine food and drinks (lemoncello spritz!!!!), the dessert room was irresistible, the smell of the lemons hanging over your head was insatiable, and the ambiance is unforgettable. Anyone who visits Capri must dine at this place…it was pure heaven.

In honor of our one-year anniversary, I’m sharing our wedding video: