Amalfi Coast Travel Guide

The second part of my Amalfi Coast trip consisted of 5 nights in Positano. It’s an easy ferry ride over from Capri, and you definitely cannot miss that drop-dead-gorgeous hillside as you approach the coast. The colorful architecture lining the mountain is unmistakable, and seeing it in person was surreal. Positano was a lot more crowded than Capri, affirming what I already knew, that Capri is a true gem. I’m so glad I visited both Capri and Positano not only before the rush, but before these 2 destinations are swarming with tourists in the coming years. It’s only a matter of time.

Much like Capri, Positano is a very small town. When visiting the Amalfi Coast in general,  you shouldn’t be coming with the intent to “do things.” It’s more of a lay on the beach, rent a boat, drink lots of wine, eat lots of food, rest a lot, repeat. My kinda vacay. For me, I enjoyed the ease of Positano. Everything was a quick walk (errr, hike) for the most part, and what you see is what you get. My days consisted of lounging under the iconic orange umbrellas on the main beach and trying new restaurants every day.

Read on to learn all the details of my time spent on Positano.


-I spent 5 nights at the Hotel Puppeto, which is the only hotel on the beach. All other hotels are up the hill. Paul and I had done extensive research on the hotels in Positano and it appeared they were all pretty outdated. We chose this hotel for the location, and while the location was beautiful, I wasn’t too thrilled about the room. BUT, after a quick freak-out and a browse on Hotels.com looking at other hotels (all sold out and $2k+ per night), I came to the realization that all hotels look like this in Positano.

-Majority of the time was spent on the loungers on the main beach. They serve food and drinks all day and if you get there in the morning (aka anytime before noon), you are most likely going to snag a great spot in the front. I personally always opted for a middle row to get better pictures. I know, I know…I’m pathetic.

-Rent a boat! They have little vendors on the beach that rent motor boats for a reasonable rate of ¢35 per hour and Paul and I had so much fun cruising along the coastline of the Amalfi Coast. Plus, it’s the best way to get that iconic shot with the hillside behind you.

-Sip cocktails at Le Sirenuse Hotel. That place is pure glamour. Italian glamour at that! It has one of the best views in Positano and their outdoor patio has a live DJ and some of the best mixology. Paul and I came here almost every night before dinner to get drinks, take pics, and steal their Wifi. Speaking of which, Wifi is pretty awful everywhere so I would have to stop in the hotel at least once a day to upload my IG pics lol.

-For a night out try On The Rocks. It’s a club that’s built into the rocks but be prepared to wait until 1:00Am for the night to get started. Us grandparents couldn’t wait that long so we never truly experienced it, but we walked through after dinner one night.

-Restaurants I LOVED:

  • Max– Best petzonia I’ve ever eaten hands down!
  • Rada– Considered modern Italian, this place knows presentation and gourmet cooking. The ambiance is pretty bougie but the location (just above the nightclub built into the rocks) is stunning. Must try the orange souffle!
  • Chez Black– Positano’s first and oldest restaurants. It’s one of those iconic places on the beach that you must try. Their fresh seafood is unreal!

-While on Positano, we hired a driver to take us along the entire Amalfi Coast. We thought it would be a nice day to cruise the coast in a convertible to see more towns and it turns out they are all pretty similar. I am currently working on a post about all the towns we hit on the driving tour.

-I was really looking forward to the lemon granitas served in a lemon skin but didn’t see them anywhere! They were mostly just served in a regular cup so you know I wasn’t about to get all excited about regular lemonade. However, there are fresh fruit stands that are so incredible. I stopped by one that is run by an older gentleman who is barefoot and liked to call me Angelina Jolie. He squeezed me some of the best fruit juice I’ve ever tasted.

-By the time I was on Positano and got my bearings, I wasn’t really into shopping. There are tons of shops lining the streets just about everywhere, but I wasn’t really in a shopping mood there. I was more concerned about soaking up the natural beauty.